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Thursday, 28 April 2011

New moths......

Just finished adding some new moths to my shop.
Ive missed making them alot so hopefully I can keep them back in my etsy shop more regularly.

and 3 springtime pugs ready for new adventures.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

All packed......

Just getting things packed for another trip to London.
Have lots of things to do tomorrow hopefully will get them all done.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

New Dodo's...

Nearly finished the Dodo's just need to find them both a smart necktie and then they should be all done.

Funny how using the same pattern things can come out really different.
Im pleased with how they turned out.
These two boys are going to London,I hope they are happy wherever they end up.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Big Fox...........

This is the largest fox that Ive made to date and it does have its pros and cons with enlarging patterns.
You do have less small awkward areas to fill but then on the flip side you have to use a LOT of filling.
This fox I would say is slightly larger than life size.
The end of his tail and white bits under his chin and chest have been needle felted through the fabric which was a bit  of an experiment but it seemed to have worked quite well. It did take a while to do though!
Was trying to capture it today but couldn't get things quite right but will try again tomorrow but just wanted to share with you what Ive been up to.
 His ears are lined with a strange black sequined fabric that I found for that little bit of texture and edge of luxury.
I'm very pleased with him and I do prefer to have the foxes curled up against their tails as I see my cats do it all the time and I think its really lovely.

And then there always the outtakes that are always happening with Vivienne.....

Sunday, 10 April 2011


I got this amazing sewing box recently I think its from the 50's judging by its design. Its in the best condition and opens out really wide and I don't know how Ive lived without it!
I feel like a proper granny know!
Its in amazing shabby chic condition and is on wheels which is so handy.
I love it!!

Here's a peak at some unfinished Dodo's they need legs and staining as they are a bit bright at the moment.

Ive been working on a pattern that is pretty much life size for the Dodo's so when I get chance Ill be making a big daddy one! Cant wait!

Ive been sorting through scraps and having a bit of a clear out and I found the first pug that I made from the first pattern. The body wasnt finished and turned out wrong and I was about to throw away the head when I thought I could do something with it. So a couple of new eyes some hot glue an old canldestick base and a hat made from scraps and I have a new pincushion.
I think its nice to make yourself something every now and then as everything I make is for others.

His name is Mister Fig and I'm already very fond of him.
Think I will make some more of these.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Camera problems......

Had a  nightmare with camera problems so will not bore you with them but I'm back and should be back to blogging more and hopefully faster.
The annoying thing is that Ive made things and now they are sold and gone and I have no images of them.
But I have been busy honest.
Here is a bit of the aftermath.........

Thankfully ive had Vivienne to help me out with all of this,she really is very helpful and kindly waves her paw when she thinks im going wrong.
Generally all cats are very good at the whole IT thing and Vivienne is no exception.
She can type 25 words a minute.
As helpfull as she is it can be a bit hard getting work done as she lies in my lap meowing orders which is fine but when she smokes it goes right in my face.

Those paws mean buisness.